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EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab, University of Toronto

Course announcement:
  • WearTech Wearable Computing;
  • IoT (Internet of Things);
  • Metavision AR (Augmediated Reality).
WearTech.org club presentation speaker series: Steve Mann, 2018 September 17th, 6pm, in MY150, University of Toronto

Course offered 2021....
ECE516 (ECE516H1S) at University of Toronto (link)

The Birth of Wearable Computing: 41 years of Augmented Reality. (Left-to-right): Steve Mann, age 12, Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine in 1974; Stephanie Mann, Age 9, Robot for visualizing ElectroMagnetic Wave Propagation; Jayse Hansen, Hollywood's #1 UI designer (now a Meta employee) with Meta Glass; Metasensing (visualizing vision and sensing sensors and their capacity to sense).

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