Eye am a corporation

I am not an individual anymore, my body is a corporate body.

Join its board of directors, and remotely teleoperate the body to maximize its stock price. Shareholders have been using it to produce a documentary about its day to day life, so that they can watch through it as it lives its life, rather than living their own lives.

The body formerly operated by its brain, is now operated by its Board.

Board members remotely operate the body through a simple CGI script.

The body responds to electrical signals coming from high voltage pulses generated by trigger transformers commonly used to produce the high voltage trigger in electronic flashlamps. Eight pulse transformers are connected to the parallel port of a small computer worn on the body. The body's webserver provides both the interface for operating the body, as well as the view through its right eye. The right eye of the body is tapped and is visible to its Shareholders and members of its Board.

Board members maximize its stock price by viewing its EyeTap signal, through a tap of its right eye, and remotely operating the body in an optimal fashion.

Board members, viewing the EyeTap signal, make important decisions as to what the body will look at, and how it will act in response to what it sees by way of its right eye. Presently only the right eye is tapped, for simplicity in viewing what the body sees and for simplicity in operating it.

There are eight controls for the body, comprising:

Additionally, there are two further controls: The remember function is a visual memory for the Board to document a particular experience. The illuminate and remember function is a visual memory for the Board to light up a particular experience in low light, by way of activating an electronic flashlamp. Note that there are often a large number of viewers, so directing the body's eye toward featured products will tend to make the body's stock price go up. When you're driving the eyebus, raise stock by pointing the eye toward products, goods, and services with easily recognized corporate logos.
Why? What's the point of Corporate Body?