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The Flasher

A number of years ago, I came up with a fun halloween costume, comprising a long coat.

Wearing short pants under the coat, I would "flash" people at halloween parties, etc., by opening my coat.

The surprise, of course, was the flash!

Not just one flash, but hundreds of flashes - some incandescent flashing bulbs, and others, of course, real xenon flashtubes running off a wearable 480 volt DC power supply.

These were all controlled by a wearable computer, programmed to flash the lamps and flashtubes in a certain sequence.

The Newsflasher: Don't Shoot the Messenger

Now, my body is a pixelboard, of sorts: a newsflash is a sequence of numbers sent to my wearable system. Anyone can upload a message - text or graphics - to my website, which the system displays "in a flash"!

Although those sunglasses I'm wearing are full colour computer screens, I don't preview the messages before they go to /dev/newsflasher to be seen by the general public. The messages may be offensive, so if you're easily offended, don't click here to see any of the messages.

The site for next year's newsflashes will also be up soon, to which you can download text or graphics. Instructions will be put up as soon as it's built (each year it gets a little bigger and a little better, so the file format is different each year).

DISCLAIMER: the Newsflasher neither curates, censors, reviews, or otherwise edits newsflashes, nor takes any responsibility for those who may submit, to his wearable pixelboard, material that may offend.