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Being Undigital: The Wyckoff principle
  • As a form of social commentary, a covert version of Wearable Wireless Webcam is used in establishments where photography is strictly prohibited, yet surveillance is used extensively (department stores, banks, casinos, etc.)
  • Lookpaintings are transmitted to a WWW site, depicting representatives of the "surveillance superhighway"
  • Extremely high-resolution images are captured, using the Wyckoff principle
  • Covert telepresence/reconaissance
  • Detournement: The process of re-situating everday familiar objects (e.g. computer, camera) in a disturbing and disorienting fashion in order to challenge society's pre-conceived biases
  • "Surveillance Situationist": Appropriating the tools of the oppressor

Contact info: Professor Steve Mann, University of Toronto, Department of Electrical Engineering, 10 King's College Road, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G4 mann@eecg.toronto.edu.