Embodiments of Prof. Mann's "WearComp" Invention (selected pictures)

(all images (c) Steve Mann)

A mid 1980s embodiment of Mann's "WearComp4" invention
click on image to get a larger version, approximately 24 megabytes when uncompressed. A full-colour version and a larger full-colour version (approximately 6000 by 4000 pixels = approximately 70 megabytes uncompressed) are also available.

Evolution of Mann's "WearComp" invention from WearComp2 to WearComp7
The leftmost picture from the above 5 images is available as a separate image.

Covert WearComp (WearComp7, mid 1990s)

Covert WearComp in action

Several pictures of Prof. Mann with his class of ECE1766 photoborgs are also available.