We are opening our doors to talented students with expertise in mathematics, signal processing, electrical engineering, computer science and design. Students with a strong grounding in theory as well as great enthusiasm for hands on hacking would fit in well with the group. Before submitting an application, take a chance to look through the research and the publications to decide on the work that most fits in with you. If you would like to a learn more about this field, it's a great idea to purchase the Intelligent Image Processing and also take the ECE 516 course available to University of Toronto students. Feel free to contact any of the people in our lab for more information on the project and how you can contribute. Please have a resume ready to show some past work and accomplishments.

Undergraduate Students

The ePI Lab has had a successful history with undergraduates research students. Often, undergraduates have succesfully published their research work in internationally prestigious journals. For those interested in graduate work or employment, publishing can be an excellent experience.

Graduate Students

Our group is accepting applications for new Master's and PhD students. Professor Mann is a cross appointed faculty, so please see the Electrical and Computer Engineering website and also the Department of Computer Science for admission procedures and deadlines.

Project Topics: