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ECE 1766 Personal Imaging... academic integrity

ECE 1766 Personal Imaging and Photoquantigraphic Image Processing

Academic Integrity

The University of Toronto is not yet equipped to grant degrees to collectives, cyborg entities exhibiting a plurality of personalities and identities.

Accordingly, degrees are granted to individual human entities.


Within the context of problem sets (assignments) it is expected that there will be discussion and collaboration among individuals. However, it is expected that the final answer is provided on an individual basis. It is anticipated that individuals might work though problems together, for example, in an unused classroom at the chalk board, etc.. The final writeup of your answer must be your own work. Plagiarism is serious (can result in assignment of zero grade, expulsion from course, even bad notation on transcript, etc.).

Plagiarism is the use of material without acknowledgement of the source. Accordingly, you can help to avoid it by acknowledging sources. For example, if you worked substantially with a particular person or group of people, list the other person's name (or other names) on your work, as a reference.


Tests are a measure of an INDIVIDUAL's level of performance.

However, it is acceptable to expand the human mind and body, by way of self-contained prostheses. The underlying principle is that a test is a measure of how well the combined entity will do in society, and thus a realistic indicator of the assimilation of the course material.