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ECE 1766 Personal Imaging... assignments

ECE 1766 Personal Imaging and Photoquantigraphic Image Processing

Assignments (problem sets)

"Mini problem sets" are assigned weekly, until towards the end of the course. Later in the course assignments will no longer be given, because this will be the time during which students will be working on final projects and preparing for the final quiz.

These are easy problem sets meant to simply keep you up to date with the material.

Answers should be short and simple.

Do not worry too much about sentence structure or grammar. It is preferable that answers be given in simple point form if that will make the answers easier for the grader to quickly understand. Use of diagrams also improves clarity of the answers. Do not worry about neatness, so long as the answers are highly legible. Answers are graded on demonstrated understanding of the material and on CLARITY of its presentation, NOT on form or presentation. Form without substance is as bad as no answer at all.

Answers may be legibly handwritten (note the difference between "legible" which is essential and "neat" which is not), typed, or provided in machine readable form, either on 3.5 inch floppy disk that can be read using a Linux-based computer, or by creation of a WWW site. If you wish to submit your answers in machine readable form, do not email attachments. (See wearcam.org/nomime.htm: Just say NO to attachments!) Instead, create a WWW page and email the URL, or submit a floppy disk. If you submit your assignment in machine readable form, the file formats must be COSHER.

Some assignments will also involve some simple programming and other related computer exercises.

Late assignments will be awarded a grade of 0.

Collaboration is encouraged. However, plagiarism will result in a grade of 0, along with other possible action. (See wearcam.org/ece1766/integrity.html for important note on academic integrity)