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Justice for GENOCIDE

Former Guatemalan dictator Ríos Montt is responsible for genocide. In 1982 he destroyed hundreds of indigenous villages in a scorched earth policy. Tens of thousands of indigenous civilians were murdered by Guatemalan troops and over one million were displaced in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Ríos Montt is back in power as president of the Guatemalan Congress, even though his role in the genocide has been acknowledged by the UN sponsored truth commission.

The death toll in the Guatemalan conflict exceeds that of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Argentina and Chile put together, yet it barely registers on the international consciousness. The ethnic cleansing that took place in Guatemala exceeds that of Bosnia, but there has been no international outcry.

Ríos Montt must be held accountable for the genocide of the Mayan peoples.

The indigenous majority of Guatemala demands an end to racist persecution and discrimination.

In June of this year, eleven of the communities who suffered massacres in Ríos Montt´s genocide will begin criminal proceedings, seeking his prosecution and conviction in Guatemala. Over one thousand people were killed in these eleven villages alone. The survivors are again risking their lives in the search for justice.

Only with your pressure will the Guatemalan authorities
respond to the demand for justice.

Please read on for more information on the legal complaint, the victims and how you can help.

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