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Common problems and their solutions.

Problem: Xcaplive hangs on startup, before the window which displays Video-IN is started.

Solution: Verify xcaplive?????.c #define MODEMDEVICE points to the COM port the proComp+ is plugged into. It may be pointing to the mouse if you have 2 serial ports, so it will not detect the ProComp+. ttyS0 is COM1, ttyS1 is COM2. -OR- ProComp+ is not connected properly, if it is not connected correctly program will not start.

Problem: Values are coming up all strange, or graph doesn't look right.

Solution: Be sure sensors are hooked up correctly, Muscle/Skin/Temperature/Resperation sensors are connected to channels E/F/G/H respectively. Program assumes this, so if you use OTHER channels you will have to alter the function: userPanic(...).

Problem: Program keeps printing some PTP_HOST message..

Solution: Ignore this message, may want to remove the PTP & TxPic code from the file/program because ThoughtCam does not use those functions. They are simply left over from the project ThoughtCam is derived from.