Cyberman, is about a genius computer geek at the U of T who created the world's first wearable computer.
-- Globe and Mail

It's a visually intricate look into the head of the world's first cyborg: inventor, performance artist, privacy advocate, and University of Toronto professor Steve Mann. Shot on a melange of formats, including Mann's "Eyetap" Digital Betacam that's "constructed from laser light," "Cyberman" is portraiture as hacking, getting "under the hood" and trying to find out what makes a machine run. Here, humor and naiveté meet social agitprop activism: it's a "Roger and Me" for the William Gibson generation.
-- indieWIRE


The life and ideas of University of Toronto professor Steve Mann.

Directed by PETER LYNCH

Starring Steve Mann

FILM TITLE: Cyberman
Year: 2001
Time: 87 minutes
Film Types: Colour/35mm
   scenario: Peter Lynch
   cast: Steve Mann
   camera: Rudolph Blahacek
   sound and music: Ken Myhr
   editing: Caroline Christie

Cyberman was rated "****" (four stars) by "Eye", 2001 September 6th:

Starring Steve Mann, Directed by Peter Lynch. 87 min.
a fascinating and often funny
documentary about ... Steve Mann ...
social activist and world's first cyborg.

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