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Cybernetic Odalisque


Felix Tang
M.A.Sc Student

Office: SF2202
E-mail: tangf(at)eecg(dot)utoronto(dot)ca
Phone: 416.978.5036

University of Toronto
10 King's College Road
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3G4, Canada

Public Key
Graduate/Thesis Work
  • Thesis Supervisor: Professor Steve Mann
  • M.A.Sc. Thesis Presentation
  • Thesis Proposal
  • Computational Vision I - Project
  • Project for Motion Analysis and Computational Vision II (PS.gz ~3MB) (PDF ~4MB)
    Interesting Stuff, I've been involved with!
  • ideacity
  • SeatSale
  • Cyberman
    Graduate Courses I've Taken
  • Personal Cybernetics and Intelligent Imaging Systems
  • Computational Vision I
  • Computer Graphics
  • Bridges and Routers
  • Computational Vision II
  • Special Topics in Software Engineering "Motion Analysis in Computer Vision"
    MISC stuff...
  • Sony DSC-F77 and Linux
  • Connecting to the University of Toronto 802.11b network using GNU/Linux and linux-ng-wlan driver (e.g. WUSB11 v2.5).
  • build your own irda SIR dongle
  • misc files
  • keylogger for PS/2 keyboards using PIC16F877
  • BlueZ bluetooth for Linux
  • IEEE1394 for Linux
  • gphoto
  • GNU
  • Fravia (who else?)
  • Linux on Laptops
  • Linux PCMCIA
  • Debian
  • 2600
  • Slashdot
  • Wired
    Personal Links...
  • tangf.com
  • Stuff
  • "His Girl"
    Technical Resume (current as of October.2004)
  • Resume
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