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Felix Tang
LL.B.   University of Ottawa
M.A.Sc. University of Toronto
B.A.Sc. University of Toronto
E-mail: felix(dot)s(dot)tang(at)gmail(dot)com

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Canon G9 Dust Problems: (April 04, 2008)

The Canon Powershot G9 is a good camera. Unfortunately, it has issues
with collecting dust on the inside of the lens barrel. In fact, after
3 short months, I already have a large speck of dust causing a black
blob to appear in all my photos. I believe the dust is on top of the
sensor or IR filter. It is not dirt or grease on the lens, I have
cleaned the lens and examined it in detail.

To compound my woes, I bought this camera in HK when I went away to
Asia for vacation. I do not understand why a multi-national
corporation which sells its product in multiple jurisdictions refuses
to provide warranty service between countries. The adamant policy
answer is, "Sorry you are not covered in Canada or North America."

Please pay approximately $160 to clean and service your 3 month old
"top of the line" (notice the quotes) camera, which cost $500!

Do be careful if you buy the Canon Powershot G9. It will likely
attract dust into the barrel. There are plenty of other users with the
same issue. Unlike a DSLR design, it appears to be extremely difficult
to clean the actual sensor because of the integrated barrel design.

e.g. google "canon g9 sensor dust" (especially interesting is the
dprewiew.com comment)


I believe that consumer products sold by these large companies should
have better warranties! If you ask me, I think the poor customer
service of Canon will make me think twice before I ever buy a product
in another country, and I will search for more negative reviews of
problems with a new product.

I am currently a very unsatisfied Canon customer. I do accept
responsibility for buying the product outside of North America. But, a
3 month old, brand new camera with a serious non-user serviceable
issue (i.e. contrast to cleaning a DSLR sensor) is unacceptable.